World of Darkness

Cthulhu Revelations

No one knew that below St. Joseph’s Catholic Church a cult had long ago raised a chapel in the name of another God. When the good people of Butchertown came to church on Sunday they had no idea that beneath them was a place of sinister worship.
Matt, Jon, Tracy, Chris, Blake and Frank slowly descended the stairs they had found hidden in a secret passageway which branched off the inner sanctum. As they reached the bottom of the steps Tracy looked on in horror at the macabre sight. They had walked into a sanctuary which looked like the opposite of the chapel above. The worship of Christianity didn’t come to mind when one looked upon this dark, horrific cathedral. The ceiling was domed shaped and tiled with an image of a squid like creature, staring down at the floor and covered in tentacles. The only light offered in the room was candle light which left more shadows to dance about than light itself. No pews existed and a stone altar seemed to be the main décor, dried blood stains slowly crept down its sides. The feeling of dread consumed the place.
It was there in the shadows that Grandmaster Tirelle stood at the altar where he had been preparing to make an offering to his god, Cthulhu. He was prepared for the intruders when they came for not only had he heard them advancing down the stairs, but he had been informed through an augury that they would come and pose a threat to the church.
Matt was the first to enter and before he could act Tirelle was already casting a spell to summon a powerful creature from another world. At first it appeared no more than a shadow, but within a moment it materialized into a hideous gaunt creature with gray skin and covered in oozing sores that leaked a white fluid. Two long tentacles flailed beneath its arms looking for a victim to grab. The monster itself had long fangs and sharp claws which made Matt want to keep his distance. He ran around the creature and to the priest where he used his powers of domination.
“You will call this creature off!” Matt shouted in raised tones. The priest smiled as he responded.
“I cannot.”
Disappointed in the response Matt drew out his short sword and dagger and turned on the monster which was creeping his way. Tirelle covered himself in a magic web which offered him some protection from the attacks that would surely follow.
Blake took a position in the chapel with his rifle as did Tracy with her magic bow. Jon began throwing magical, kinetic blast at the summoned creature while Frank charged in with a devastating blow that would have felled any living man. Chris wanted most of all to speak with this priest who could have information valuable to him. He ran for the priest and offered parlay instead of a fight, but Tirelle had something else in mind.
“You will fight for me” Tirelle said as he pointed his finger at Chris. Most men would have succumbed to the magical domination spell, but Chris was able to will it off with ease. As Tirelle turned back, Matt was before him.
“No, you will fight for us. Now destroy that beast you have summoned!” Matt commanded.
Tirelle never had the chance. Jon, Frank, Blake and Tracy had already destroyed the monster. Pieces of it ran down Frank’s torso and a puddle of gooey black substance pooled at his feet. Frank lifted his boot looking at the substance that nearly bonded him to the floor.
“Ehh,” he muttered.
The fight was over and Matt was able to use his powers to trick the priest into thinking they were his friends. This allowed Chris the time to question him. What they discovered was that a cult had existed here and had been committing heinous deeds for quite some time in the name of an outer god called Cthulhu. Also in the basement with them was a torture chamber and an even deeper basement which was flooded and inhabited by something Tirelle called a chaos beast. He presented Chris with a green book called the Coming of Yog Sothoth.
“This will have the answers you seek.” Tirelle said.
When he was sure that Chris had all the information he needed and they had the whereabouts of the other cultist Matt pounced on the priest and drank him dry.
Tracy turned her head in disgust. Jon, all though a vampire himself, placed a hand on her shoulder. He wished to drink as well, the smell of blood was enticing, but he did not wish to offend her.
“We have to destroy this place.” She said to Jon.
“I was thinking that myself. We could burn it to the ground.” Jon replied.
“We cannot just burn this historic church to the ground.” Matt said while wiping his mouth clean and standing up. “It would draw far too much attention to all of this and all of us!”
“This church is evil!” Tracy said. “It is tainted and if we do not destroy it more will come to worship here. And what about that creature he said is in the basement? We can’t just leave it here.”
Frank ignored their arguing and picked up the body of Tirelle.
“This will make for good parts on my experiment.” He said as he left the chapel carrying Tirelle’s lifeless body on his shoulders. He looked back once at all of them bickering over what to do and just shrugged. As he left the passageway a funny idea came to his mind. He could seal them in. “Nah”.
Chris would spend the next few days reading the green book he was given. When he was done he sat the book down and pondered the revelation within. The entity Yog-Sothoth is an Outer god and is coterminous with all time and space yet is supposedly locked outside of the universe we inhabit. The being was said to have impregnated mortals all over the world so they would breed scions of his. These scions would serve as his eyes and ears on Earth and would even be sent to gather all the lost artifacts in order to keep other gods and their followers from finding them. This has angered the lower gods and in response they have sent their minions to kill the children of Yog Sothoth. Within the book were the names of twenty three women who supposedly gave birth to Yog Sothoth progeny. Chris put the book down and a feeling of trepidation and realization came over him. He thought back to that night at the Mag Bar when something had attacked him from the shadows.
“Oh boy.”

Mag Bar Drama

“That was pretty big of you helping out the Camarilla by turning over Artemis Black.” The young man said as he sat down his blood filled flagon upon the bar. His head was shaved, his body marred with tattoos from head to toe. He wore a black leather jacket which said “Punks Not Dead” in spray paint on the back. He was the quintessential punk rocker. “Some of us even had to step back and ask ourselves why old Mark would stick his neck out to help that Ventrue Prince of ours.”
“I have already told you the damn fool walked right into my bar. What should I of done? Served him and go about me business!” Mark quickly grabbed the flagon from the bar clearly becoming angry at the allegations being made about him. The blood from within him began to surface turning a once pale looking vampire into a more flush looking mortal. Dave Burrow backed away. He knew Mark was older and more powerful than him.
“We Brujah have made it a point to stay out of the affairs of the others for a damn good reason Mark. How many brothers of ours have fallen to the treachery of those who work with the hunters? How many?”
Marks eyes began to turn crimson.”Don’t lecture me boy. What I did I did for the good of our clan. Artemis Black had to be put down and why not give our clan the credit for bringing him down.”
“I’ll give you one reason why not.” Dave said as he discretely looked over to a strange patron sitting in a booth, not drinking and not speaking with anyone. He wore a long black trench coat and a black leather wide brimmed hat. It was very obvious that he was there to observe.
“I shall deal with that one soon enough.”
Dave was about to respond when a woman sitting at the bar to his left interrupted. “Excuse me, but what the hell are you two talking about. “ Both men turned to her at once and bared their fangs. She would of have been scared even had they not used their supernatural frightful presence. She quickly ran out of the bar leaving her purse on the bar. A woman behind the bar wasted no time snatching the purse. Both Dave and Mark looked at her.
“What? It’s not like she’ll be back.” She said and then hurried off to the back to see if there was anything of value in the purse.
“Look man,” Dave continued,” I know this is your bar, your territory. All I am saying is others within the clan are speaking about your move.”
“Let them speak. That’s all they ever do anymore. Ever since our Primogen was assassinated no one does anything, but just hide in the dark like cockroaches. I grow tired of hiding and tip toeing around.”
“I feel you brother, now how about another round. I think it better for me to drink from the tap than from your patrons.” Mark filled up another mug of blood that dripped out of a special tap he had installed specifically for his fellow vampires. Most of his employees were ghouls and they knew better than to mess with the blood tap. Mark’s ghouls were only allowed his blood when he allowed it.

The Child Returns To Thy Maker

Chris and Kelly fled for their lives. Thirteen of them had gone down into the lair to confront Sorvinius and none of them could harm him. Chris had felt out of place there. He wasn’t a warrior, but yet he was sent to do a warrior’s job. The whole thing made him think twice about what it was he had become. He felt no animosity towards his maker, Stacy. Even if he wanted to the blood bond between her and him would not allow it. What he felt for her was something stronger than love. Perhaps it was loyalty, duty or obligation. Whatever the feeling was he now had for her it was strong and he was sure he would feel it till his death, whenever that may be.
The ancient vampire they were sent to destroy was old. It was able to hold all of them back. After several attempts to shoot the ancient one, all of which failed and some of which ended with a bullet in an allies back, Chris decided to flee. He did what they asked, he went down there, but he would not stay and be ripped apart, which is what he knew would happened to them all if they stayed and fought.
After dropping Kelly off downstairs in the Brown Hotel, he parked his car in the garage and walked up to his suite. He pushed the appropriate button on the elevator to take him to his floor. Then he just leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes which allowed him to ponder his life. He was forced to give up everything he knew before, but in exchange he was given a life of luxury. A deluxe suite in the Brown Hotel with all amenities included, a chauffeur to drive him anywhere and ghouls for him to feed on whenever he was in need just to name a few. All of this would be greatly appreciated by most vampires, but Chris wasn’t one to delight in luxury. He had worked hard in school to get where he was going and now all that was for nothing. Or was it? While he was down in the lair facing that ancient evil something came natural to him.
“The power of Christ compels you!” he had shouted and while the words were not strong enough to turn Sorvinius away it had forced Josh, a newly turned vampire, to flee. His faith was strong. He had much love for his god and though he had become a perversion of nature, in his heart he was still a follower of Christ first and foremost. It was this that would carry him through. It would help him wade though this hell that had been forced upon him.
“My child has returned. Chris my darling I am truly glad to see you alive and well.” Stacy said as Chris entered his suite. She held out her hand for him to kiss, which he did hesitantly. It always felt awkward for him to kiss her hand, but he knew she was from a time where that sort of thing was common place, so he obliged her as always.
“Tell me everything. You must.”
“I can’t tell you everything. I didn’t stick around to watch the blood bath. Quite frankly I had no business being down there. This is just crazy! All of it!” Chris exclaimed.
“You didn’t stay till the end?”
“No.” he said and slowly looked at her to measure her response. He expected her to be disappointed or angry, but she was neither.
“Well that is okay. You served the Prince’s purpose I am sure.” She said with a smile. “He will be angry with me, but he will just have to get over it. I mean the nerve of that man asking me to send cannon fodder to his little war. I have bigger matters at hand than to sacrifice my children.”
“Sacrifice?” Chris asked with a look of concern.
“Oh don’t worry my dear. The last thing I would want to do is lose my newest and most valuable associate. There are perks to walking within the web of the Camarilla, but with those perks comes an obligation. I was more or less ordered to send a neonate.”
Stacy kissed Chris on the cheek and told him to get some rest. She then left the room in her normal elegant fashion. Not a sound was made as she gently breezed out the door and shut it behind her, leaving Chris standing alone in his room. He couldn’t quite figure out if he was mad or anxious. The doorbell interrupted his thoughts. He could smell what was on the other side of the door before he even opened it. It was a mortal ghoul, sent up to him by Stacy no doubt as a gift. She was strikingly beautiful with long flowing blonde hair and a look of innocence that made her all the more appealing. He looked upon the young woman with envy. He wished he was mortal again.
“Come in please.” He said. “You can sit on the couch if you like or wherever.” He still wasn’t use to this and socially it just felt all wrong.
“You don’t have to be nice. I am here at your pleasure.” She responded and leaned in closer. “You can even be a little, you know, rough if you like. I prefer it that way.” Chris didn’t know how to respond. He just wanted to get the nourishment he needed and send her on her way. He had more important things to think about.

The Crimson Thirst

Chris Schumacher was taking a nice stroll down the sidewalk late at night on the side of town known as the Highlands. A place frozen somewhere in the mid sixties, its streets hosted coffee shops, record shops, book stores, fine restaurants and other notable establishments. It was a favorite frequenting spot for him. This particular night he was walking past a place that used to be a local coffee shop called Hemispheres. Chris was surprised to see that someone else had apparently rented the building and opened up what looked like another coffee shop. The neon red sign on the window read “The Crimson Thirst”. His curiosity got the best of him and he decided to walk in and see what they had to offer.
The moment he walked in the patrons began eyeing him which made him quite uncomfortable. The people in the room made him feel uneasy and there was something about the way they all looked; odd would be a good word.
“Well I’m not in Kansas anymore,” he mumbled to himself. He made his way to the small counter in the back of the room and really that’s all the tiny place was. A tall table stood up by the front window, in the center of the room a couch sat next to a few chairs which were adjacent to a coffee table and the counter, parallel with the street, existed in the back where they would make the drinks. Chris didn’t see any coffee makers or cappuccino machines though.
The man behind the counter wore all black. His shirt was skin tight and boasted a turtle neck. He wore jet black boots, black skinny jeans and a belt to match. As Chris approached he offered no signs of waiting on him. He merely stared at Chris in contempt for some reason.
“Can I have a cup of coffee, black? Like your shirt.” Chris jested; trying to break the ice, but the man just kept staring at him and showed no signs of smiling. “What is the matter with this guy,” Chris thought to himself.
“Get out.” The man finally spoke.
“Get out,” the man spoke slower this time as if mocking Chris.
“What the fuck ever.” Chris said and he turned towards the door. If they treated their customers like that the place wouldn’t last long he thought. As he passed the couch a woman seated there suddenly grabbed his arm and began to sniff his skin. Chris tried to pull away, but couldn’t. The woman wore fishnet stockings, a tight boostia, and her high heels were at least 5 inches high. Her hair was straight and blonde. Her eyes as green as an emerald and though her skin was pale she seemed very much alive. Unknowingly to Chris however she wasn’t.
“You smell nice,” she said “You should come back by later.” At the moment all he wanted to do was leave and he did just that after the strange woman let him go. The woman and her friends shared a laugh as Chris walked back out onto Bardstown Road. As he walked away thinking he was glad to be rid of the place he also had a longing in the back of his mind to return. Perhaps he would return later. The more he thought about it the more of a good idea it seemed to be.
Chris waited several hours down at Heine Brothers, a local coffee house. After he finished his cup of black coffee he said good bye to the regulars he had been talking to and left. He walked back down towards the Crimson Thirst, wondering if they would still be open. When he reached the front door he noticed that the neon sign was no longer on. He peered inside and the place was empty. He shrugged his shoulders and walked off thinking to himself how foolish it was for him to even come back to that weird place. They weren’t even nice to him. He hadn’t got far when the door opened up and the woman with blonde hair stepped out.
“Wait Chris come here.” She shouted. Chris stopped in his tracks and turned slowly. How did she know his name?
“Well are you just going to stand there looking silly? Get in here.” As he looked at her he felt in awe for some reason. He walked in and the blonde girl just stood there smiling at him. He also noticed someone else in the room, sitting on the couch. This lady was dressed in professional attire and her shoulder length red hair made him think of Dana Scully from the X-Files.
Stacy O’Connell stared deep into this mortal’s soul, and by using her gifted sight she was able to peer at his aura. She saw within its colors a kindred spirit. This one would make for an entertaining companion at the Brown. Lisa would be let down by her decision, but she would get over it.
“Well? Can I?” Lisa asked.
“No.” Stacy said as she stood up from the couch never taking her eye off of Chris who was already in some sort of trance brought on by her hypnotic gaze.
“This one is mine.”
“That is not fucking fair.” Lisa said and she stormed out through the back. “I found him and she keeps him for herself. That bitch!”
The next few moments would live on to be a blur in Chris’s mind, but in that moment he experienced an orgasmic release as the red headed lady embraced him, laying him down on the old sofa of the establishment. It was there in the Crimson Thirst that Chris Schumacher died.
When he opened his eyes again he viewed the world through heighten senses. It wasn’t coffee he smelled in the run down old building, but something with a stronger scent. It was blood that he smelled and blood that he now craved. Fortunately for him he was reborn in a newly opened blood café. He would no longer be told to get out as this was a place where the clientele were vampires.

Last game 10/30/10
The players sought information from Asthyr, keeper of old knowledge. She offered them a browse through her ancient library in exchange for an artifact called the Ring of Golconda. Once the players agreed she told them to seek Hellion Earthscar in Chicago, claiming he knows where the ring is. Once in Chicago the players met with Prince Jonathan Stark and let him in on their true reason for being there. He immediately told them to leave the city and not to return. The players are still in search of Hellion Earthscar.

Images chicago 2005 chicago by night 2 700x700

Von Maur's Tomb

The small scavenger of a man lit his torch and pressed on down into the dark tunnel while the guides of his expedition all remained outside fearing the wrath of the dead. Standing beside the skittish local Egyptian people was an imposing obelisk with ancient hieroglyphs carved on its surface. Most of the inscriptions were no longer readable as the unforgiving weather in the region had worn of the outer layers.
He peered back one last time before venturing further. It would be many more turns, traps and near death experiences before he finally found the chamber he was seeking. He had reached Von Maur’s Tomb. He hastily scanned the room with his torch looking for the object of his desire. Golden idols and precious metals were kicked aside as he searched for what had brought him here. Hope was almost lost when he spied it in the corner. There resting on a pedestal was the Book of the Dead.
He glanced down at his time piece to record the exact moment he had made his discovery.
“Fourteen Hundred hours and thirty two minutes on this day of April the 15th 1928”, he gasped aloud barely able to contain his excitement. He had no idea what events were happening outside as he removed the book.
The guides that waited outside tried to run, but it was no use. Many men on camel back overran them killing them with curved blades. After moments of chaos one of the men dismounted from his camel.
“Seal the chamber and pray we aren’t too late.” He ordered the others.
The great stone door slowly shut.
At the same moment the man within Von Maur’s Chamber was holding up the book and admiring it. He had no idea any means of escape were lost. He slipped the book into his satchel and turned around to face a horror. He froze with fear. Unable to move at the sight before him a single tear escaped his eye. He could not even take a breath as a decayed hand closed around his throat and began to squeeze.

Chicago Tales

It was at one time the penthouse of the famed gangster Al Capone. Now many years later it was the home to another vile creature.
Johnathan Starks paced the penthouses halls thinking about his next move once he acquired the Ring of Golconda. It was no coincidence that it had surfaced in this time period and he wanted to make sure it was within his possession and not that horrid demon, Hellion Earthscar.
“Excuse me your highness,” a young woman spoke and offered a submissive bow.“Caroline has called and said that the Garrets have not seen or heard of Hellion in over a year. She thinks it will be difficult tracking the creature.” When she finished she stared only at the floor knowing she had just delivered the prince unpleasant news.
“Tell Caroline the next time she speaks to me of difficult task we shall see how difficult it is for her to withstand the morning sun from the rooftop here,” the prince responded and slowly gripped the trembling girl’s face. He came face to face with her, basking in the fear and smelling her blood just below the surface of her warm skin. She dared not move away, though her instinct told her to run.
“Remove your clothes.” the prince commanded. She did so without hesitation and after briefly admiring her form he began to drink from her neck. She gasped and rolled her eyes as the ecstasy took over her. When the prince removed his fangs the blood flowed down her neck, across her breast and down to her curvy waist. He sent her on her way watching her from behind. After all these years he still loved to watch a woman’s ass shift from side to side as she walked.
Prince Starks spent the remaining night hours looking from the window of his penthouse suite waiting for the call. He would have the location of the demon who haunted Chicago or there would be hell to pay.

Ten Years have passed

It is the year 2021. Kindred have notice changes within the supernatural. Strange creatures no one has ever encountered previously have begun to stalk the night. Some say it is a sign that something evil, ancient and powerful is awakening. Others dismiss this as yet more apocalyptic nonsense.
The Prince and Warlock Duncan have both had an interest in the discovery of the dragon creatures. While the Prince has sacrificed many pawns and neonates in his search for knowledge in the mortal kingdom Warlock Duncan has been trying another approach.
“I see you have been doing well for yourself as a Tremere. You have made some rather wealthy decisions. Yes, I see you sticking around for quite sometime.” Duncan said as he sipped from his goblet and rested back in his throne. Jon found the throne a bit outdated and over the top.
“I hope my progress pleases you. Of course everything I do is in this Chantry’s best interest,” Jon replied.
“It please me very much and that is why I have asked you here. I am sure you have heard of the many rumors abound. Some of these damn fools act as if it is all coming to an end. I myself like to get to the bottom of things before I have a thought or emotional response,” he smiled while he continued.“I want you and your friends to go see the Keeper of old knowledge.”
“What is his name?”
“Her name is Aesthyr and I must warn you. She can spin and twist yours and her words faster than the most powerful tornado. She appears young and beautiful, but be careful. She is ancient and sinister. Go to her and learn more about the changing of our times and these mysterious new monsters that have been appearing.”
“I will.” Jon replied and offered a quick nod before exiting the chamber.
After Jon left Duncan looked down into the goblet and its crimson contents. He saw a distorted reflection staring back at him. For a brief moment he shuddered as he considered the approaching storm.
“A singularity of a different form.” he mumbled.


St. Peter's Cross

St. Peters Cross is an ancient relic hunters of the Kindred have had for many years. It is an indestructible item which can turn vampires into ash instantly.

Some of the local hunters had been using it to kill older vampires in the local region. It had been on loan from the Vatican and was kept in a vault at Horse Shoe Casino when not in use.

When it’s location was revealed the prince ordered the characters to retrieve it and destroy it. Of course the only way to render it useless would be to place it on the dead body of St.Peter himself and light it on fire.

The Characters, through the aid of magic, were teleported to Rome where they enter St.Peter’s Tomb and burned the cross on St. Peter’s remains.


The Damned Nosferatu

The characters are given the simple task to deliver some packages to the Nosferatu Primogen. Unknown to the players a coup is underway and they unwittingly deliver the Primogen a bomb which kills him. The players must drudge through the nasty sewers which the Nosferatu call their kingdom.

In the end the heroes clear the name and reveal the true culprit.

Here is a picture of the dungeon crawl in the Nosferatu sewers.


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