Prince Borbala Adair

Ventrue Prince, with calm demeanor and always dressed in an expensive suit.


Clan: Ventrue

Description: He is the archetypical vampire prince: suave, sophisticated, wealthy and dangerous. He wears European suits and says European things. He keeps him calm when others are on the brink of rage. Very rarely does he lose his cool, but when he does he puts fear into all in his wake of wrath.

*Reputation: * You have heard he’s the perfect mediator, a peacemaker on par with no other. Of course, you’ve also heard that everybody chooses peace because the only other choice is to experience his anger, and the stories of horrible punishments he has enacted on kindred are renowned. All of his followers show loyalty to the fullest for some strange reason.

Background: He has been the proclaimed Prince of Louisville since 1985 when the Prince at the time was slain in Spencer County by werewolves. As soon as he assumed the throne he began making alliances that would ensure his longevity at the top. Through powers of persuasion he has built many contacts in local law, politics and the media. He is the master at controlling information and that has kept him and his safe from the strong hunter presence in the area.

Laws and Customs: The most important law to the Prince is the Sixth Tradition: Destruction. He is the only one in the city allowed to call out a blood hunt or the destruction of another vampire. This privilege is his and his alone. He is known to enforce this law with horrible punishments that leave the vampire wishing he were dead.
The Prince has to worry little about the Masquerade in Louisville for he knows all too well that any vampire making a name for itself will end up hunted and killed by the Awakened Hunters. He enforces no law against killing humans.
The Prince pretends to care little for territories or those who claim domains. In fact though he watches these both very closely and has a hand in who falls from power and who rises. In his mind the only true domain is the city and that belongs to him, but he is no fool. He realizes that the smaller groups make up the whole he controls.
The Prince does not allow vampires to freely sire others. Creating progeny is a big responsibility that more often than not leads to the death of both the child and the sire. The Awakened, as the hunters call themselves, are able to easily track a new vampire and their sloppy feeding habits. Only by the Prince’s permission is one to sire another and that is very rarely given out. Every so often a rogue comes into his domain, creating progeny as he sees fit and the Prince has to make an example of them.
On the rare occasion the Prince does allow one to sire another he isn’t very strict on how they instruct them. He feels it is a survival of the fittest out there right now and if one is too stupid not to draw unwanted attention to themselves then the hunters will deal with them. It seems to be the one good thing about the hunter presence. They are good at getting rid of rivals. Whenever the Prince wants someone gone all he has to do is point some hunters their way and if either parties or both of the parties gets killed it’s a win win situation.
The Prince doesn’t expect every vampire that comes through to announce themselves. In fact he would prefer not to meet all of them. However if someone comes into his city and starts setting up some sort of operation and doesn’t introduce themselves he sees that as an act of war.
Werewolves are not tolerated in the city. Taylorsville Lake is off limits to any kindred since it has been declared enemy territory ever since the slaying of the last Prince. Kindred who openly enter the area are looked upon with mistrust and usually asked to leave the city and not to return. The Prince fears the Gangrel will align with the werewolves there, even though this seems like a preposterous idea. Perhaps he is hiding a secret there.

Politics and Elysium:
It seems to be the basic feudal monarchy. He makes use of the standard roles, continues the traditions and upholds the law. His sheriff is a actually a Justicar who he has beguiled into a loyal friendship. Having such a deadly ally is another reason many in the vampire community fear Borbola Adair.
The Prince is heavily involved in mortal politics as well. He considers it a big game of chess and without it he would have no pleasure in his immortal life. Entwining mortal and immortal politics as he does gives him many advantages and not much goes by unnoticed in his city. The Prince himself has to fear the hunters so he uses pigeons or messengers to do most of his work. He is after all just the designer of the lawful chaos.
He has established Elysium at all the trademark places in an apparent effort to give everyone a taste: university lecture halls, Speed Art Museums, and at the Palace Theater. These places aren’t used much anymore due to the overwhelming hunter presence. Vampires in this city prefer to stay hidden and not gather in big numbers. The last big Elysium meeting ending in a bloodshed were 14 vampires were killed by hunters.

Followers, Minions, and Agents:
The Prince has a handful of vampires and ghouls who do the dirty work. They detain, spy or kill. They set up elaborate schemes and traps. It is hard for kindred to trust one another when one never knows who one is working for.
The Prince’s strongest ally is the Justicar Haru Kia. He has served as Adair’s sheriff and close friend for the past few years. Haru is the Prince’s Darth Vader. He enforces the law and puts fear in the Kindred community. Kira McKelon is the Prince’s seer and advisor. He keeps her around for her strange company.

Theme and Mood:
The overall theme in this city is the emphasis on just how hidden the kindred society is. Kindred are forced to lay low or be killed by the heavy presence of hunters.
The mood is a story of staying hidden in the shadows. As a vampire you are the hunted in this city. Immortality doesn’t last long in the Derby City. (Typical saying amongst Kindred)
Kindred society in Louisville is a life behind closed doors. While mages and psychics are welcomed by the Awakened, Vampires, Werewolves and Demons are hunted ambitiously. The presence of the modern day inquisition is at an all time high and in order to stay alive vampires must retain a subtle existence. The inner circle of the Camarilla is watching the city very closely and planning its move while kindred in the city must lay low and wait it out or be killed.
Many Sabbat wish to flock here and declare open war on the hunters, but their leaders caution against entering a war, where they would have to fight two enemies.


Prince Borbala Adair

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