World of Darkness

Tremere Revival

“I have been called back to the city.” Jon said as he climbed back down into the ruined temple. On the outside the shifting sand dunes blew across the night desert horizon, but there in the ancient forgotten temple buried beneath the Tajarhi Desert the temperature and darkness were constant. “We haven’t even found the damn thing yet Jon.” Tracy replied, obviously irritated and covered in dust and sand. She brushed herself off and climbed out of the small pit they had dug up. “I know, but something else has come up and I must be there.” “How long will you be gone?” she asked. “I don’t know,” he paused “I don’t know if I will be returning.” Tracy looked at him curiously. She had agreed to come here in southern Libya to help him find an important artifact known as Lilith’s Lambskin. It was said to hold the key to the origins of all Kindred. Helping Jon find this would help him find piece with the monster he was. She wanted to do this for him. She loved him, but by doing this she had forsaken her dreams and communes with her goddess mother Artemis, who frequently warned her of the upcoming apocalypse. Her mother believed she was treading on the wrong path of alliance. “And I guess I am suppose to stay all the way out here in the middle of nowhere and do your Chantry’s dirty work?” She said in a raised tone.“I mean I don’t get this.” “What we are doing here is very important. I understand if you wish to leave and I wouldn’t stop you if you did.” He replied calmly trying to prevent an argument. “Stop me? Heh,” Tracy shook her head. “What I mean to say is finding this artifact is very important to me and too many others. If you were to find it I and the others would be eternally grateful.” “I don’t have an eternity for your gratefulness.” Tracy interrupted. Jon moved in close and wrapped his arms around her. “Please do this for me. I will return as soon as I am able and if I can’t I will make sure someone comes back here to get you.” he spoke to her as he closed in with his vampiric charm. Tracy smiled. “Ever since you have become a vampire it has been hard to tell you no.” she responded. Before the break of dawn Jon departed the desert in a flash of magic which she knew teleported him all the way across the world to the city of Louisville. He was gone in an instant and she was left standing there all alone. She remained outside long enough to watch the sunrise by herself as she always did these days. Long after the sun had risen Tracy was resting within the temple when a familiar figure approached her. A magical bow rested at the woman’s side. Her long silver/blonde hair seemed undamaged by the sand which blew through the air and mangled the hair of most mortals. A long white toga was all she wore and the sides of her legs were visible revealing her womanly form. She held out her hand towards Tracy. “Come my sweet daughter. You need not do their bidding anymore. You have a greater purpose. Trust in me and my love. Forsake the damned for that they are.” Artemis spoke. Tracy reached out her hand. ‚óŹ When Jon appeared within the Tremere Chantry walls he stood before two tall golden bound doors made of sturdy oak. Six circles made up the center making it look like several small irises could be accessed from it. He wasn’t alone. Another mage vampire like himself stood outside of the Warlocks grand door. “I see you got the urgent call too,” said Murdock. “I believe we haven’t met. I am Jon.” Jon replied while eyeing the new face suspiciously. “Well even if we had met, I wouldn’t remember,” He chuckled. " I suffer from amnesia. My name is Murdock that much I do know." “Do you know what this is about?” Jon asked. “If I had to guess I would say it has something to do with the Sabbat invasion that has taken place this very night.” Murdock said and took note of Jon’s surprise. “You are aware of it aren’t you?” Jon couldn’t believe it. This would mean war and many would probably be killed. For the first time he was glad he left Tracy behind. “I have been away,” he replied. “Well welcome back,” Murdock said barely able to contain his laughter. As they stood in the Chantry foyer the grand doors opened before them and Sit Hamilton walked out carrying an old bound book. “He is ready to see you.” he spoke before turning back towards the Warlock’s chamber.



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