World of Darkness

The Draco Mystere Tome

The red shiny leather was somehow well kept after all these years and smooth to the touch despite it being bound around such a hard and heavy artifact. The book itself was ancient and the smell of brine assaulted the Prince’s nose. Any other book which sat at the bottom of the ocean for thousands of years would have disintegrated by now, but not this old tome. It had been warded against such degradations. He could sense the power of magic wrapped around the book like a protective shell. The gold trim shined, casting a slight reflection visible by candle light in which the Prince could see his eager eyes peering down like a young vampire about to taste its first drop of blood.
The binding protested in a warping sound as he opened the book to the first page. Its elegant writing had been composed in a language that Prince Duncan was not familiar with. Its basis predated modern man and he knew it came from a time before time. The people who wrote this book had long been forgotten many centuries ago.
Pulling out a sharp, ornamental dagger he slashed his forearm four inches across until blood began to pour. The words he chanted brought power to the blood and transformed his perception. It was Thaumaturgy he used and it would help him translate the content of the Draco Mystere Tome which had been recovered and brought to him by a loyal subject.
Night after night the Prince forbade anyone to disturb him as he read through the pages. The book was immense in content and rich with knowledge long forgotten. Every chapter revealed more and more to him, including the location of several of the Dragon Orbs.
It would be on the 5ht night when he found what he had been searching for almost half of his unnatural life. The book began to speak of familiar characters to the knowledge thirsty prince. In one of the passages it told the story of Lilith, Adams first wife who refused to submit to Adam and wandered off into the Land of Nod.
Now Lilith told Adam “May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if by this time tomorrow I do not flee from your side.”
Then she lay down under the tree and fell asleep. A dragon had built its nest at the foot of the tree. The Zu-bird was raising its young in the crown, and the demon Lilith had built her house in the middle. Then the Zu-bird flew into the mountains with its young, while Lilith, petrified with fear, tore down her house and fled into the wilderness.
The strange passages went on to tell how Lilith while venturing through the Land of Nod had come across a dying ancient dragon. The dragon pleaded for her healing magick. It offered her the knowledge of the old ones and the long forgotten city, but Lilith felt she could gain more power in the creature’s death than in its life. She pulled out a dagger and slit the dragon’s belly open; draining its blood and essence into a waterskin, she carried with her. When she returned to her hut, knowing the power that dragons harnessed she took a small sip from the waterskin. She knew it was forbidden to drink the blood of a dragon, but she did it anyway. The amount Lilith drank was enough to transform her into something no longer human.
The remaining sections were cryptic, but from what Duncan could glean Lilith was cursed and became a mystical almost demonic creature. Legend grew of an evil that swept across the Land of Nod.
The scripture went on to say months later Cain wandered the Land of Nod, exiled by his father, but not without purpose. He sought out the mysterious old witch he had heard stories about. When he found her she was not the old hag he expected, but in the form of a beautiful woman. Lilith seduced Cain and they shared a bed for several weeks. Within that time period Cain witnessed the strange powers Lilith possessed and he began to beg her to teach him.
She was curious to see the outcome if a single mortal consumed the whole lambskin of the dragon’s blood so she told Cain if he drank the blood within the lambskin he would be granted powers equal to hers. Cain trusted in her, drank the blood of the dragon and was cursed forever.
Duncan dropped the book to his lap and thought long about what he had just read. He had finally discovered the truth behind all that was kindred. They were not damned by God or Cain. They were not the result of some genetic mutation as many believed in the modern era. They were damned and cursed by dragons. The supernatural essence that gave life to his necrotic body was powerful draconic magic which flowed through his veins. It repulsed him, unnerved him and excited him all in one.
He continued on for several more days learning that it wasn’t a Deluge that destroyed Enoch, the city built by Cain. It was in fact Urathear Di Wer Bekilk, one of the four great dragons who stayed behind on Earth after the fall of Atlantis, who came to avenge his slain brother by killing Cain and all his children. No offense had been greater to Urathear. Pathetic humans had partaken in his brother’s blood. He would always be able to smell the taint and the corruption of any who held his brothers vitae within them.
Even more disturbing was the revelation that the Followers of Set were actually created by Urathear. A bloodline he created to assist him when he returned from his great slumber to make sure the world was rid of Cain and all his children. His deception so great that even the followers themselves still believe they serve an Egyptian god.
On the final night Duncan placed the tome on his desk and looked all around as if he were reaching out for help from a higher power.
“It isn’t Cain who will come to judge his children as the Book of Nod has told us,” he spoke in dread. “It is Urathear Di Wer Bekilk who shall come to kill us all. He will wipe out all the bloodlines. We all share the essence dating back to that very night when Cain drank the cursed blood. All kindred are doomed.”



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