World of Darkness

The Disappearance of Nicholas Borschevskych

“Somewhere out there on an island in the Atlantic is a place of utter horrors. I tell you this not so that you can seek it out, but as a tale of caution. Creatures padding, walking, crawling, gurgling their death rattles from long ago which should have ceased from the time they died, but have not. Yet they still walk about that island, former shells of themselves mocking our existence. Latitude 26.313113 and Longitude 76.662598. That is where the island is. That is where I bade you not to tread. Mark this location and stay out of its piteous path. Let no man set foot upon its soil for it will worm its way into our very consciousness and eat at our souls until we are like annelid people feeding upon our own feces and filth.”
Dr. Josef Rudolf pushed stop and put down the tape recorder next to the many other items he had found in the office. Several manila envelopes, a box of matches from a Floridian hotel, a set of boat keys, a pistol, a DVD disc, a pack of cigarettes, a notebook with scrambled notes from a madman, and miscellaneous other items all cluttered the desk of Dr. Rudolf’s missing friend, Nicholas Borschevsky. He opened up the notebook next and read again through the pages as he had so many times before trying to make since of it all.

Page 14
Stepping forth onto the island I was instantly awed by its mere presence. The island spoke at me words from a language long dead on our earth. As I entered the old village my body slept and yet I traveled on and beyond. Looking down I could see the island, the ocean, the earth and then space. Within moments my mind crossed a great expanse of space and time. I could look back at the Milky Way, but even then it became too small to see. Next I found myself within a great city, host to someone else’s body. I was walking through a street and surrounded by strange creatures that all though humanoid in appearance they weren’t human.
One of them approached me and began shouting at me. I couldn’t understand what it was he was saying. I just kept looking at the claw he had instead of a hand. A single tentacle protruded from its center and poked in my face. Eventually the crowd turned on me and began ripping the body I was in apart.
I awoke on the island again and again I walked into the village. Every time I approached the village I was shunted from my body and taken to an alien world. It went on like this for months. I gave up all hope of ever leaving the island and set on learning as much as I could about the different alien worlds I visited. I spent days in their libraries learning the languages, histories and customs.
One of the planets I visited reminded me of earth and even used the English language, but instead of humans there were beetle like people dwelling in the towns. I myself was inside the body of an insect like creature with the capability of speech. I stayed here for what seemed like 20 years or more, living out the life of this monster until I died from old age. When I awoke on the island I hadn’t aged. I had the knowledge and experience of a 60 year old man, but yet I was still inside my 30 year old body. Somehow I was cheating time through my experiences.
I don’t know how long it all went on, but it did seem eternal. When I decided to flee the village I no longer was thrust out of my body. I escaped in a small dinghy in body at least. For though I had gained the knowledge of a thousand lifetimes it was too much for one human mind to handle and while I am able to write these notes down I can feel myself slipping from sanity.
I spent a week at sea before they found me.

Again Dr. Josef Rudolf sat down the notebook. The rest of the pages were scrambled, cryptic and full of sketches of haphazardly drawn cones.
“All of this doesn’t make any sense. Had you lost your mind Nicholas?” the Doctor said to himself. He was shocked when he got an unexpected answer.
“Yes he had.”
Doctor Rudolf jumped up from the chair he had been sitting in. He turned to see a strange man dressed in a leisure suit.
“Who are you and what is the meaning of this intrusion?” the doctor shouted.
“Is this your office? Are you not intruding as well?” the man responded. “I have only come to warn you of what you have there. It is far beyond the comprehensible and your small weak mind cannot and should not pursue it. Forget about your friend.”
“Are you insane? I would not forget about a colleague or friend!”
“Hmmm, yes I knew you would say that. That is why I have come to give you another option.” The strange man pulled forth a picture from his pocket. “You should find this man.”
On the picture was a man with dark and grayish hair who appeared to be in his early 40’s. The doctor reluctantly grabbed the picture.
“Where you can find him is on the back. You should give him all that you have found here. If anyone could solve the riddles of the island or discover the location of your missing friend it is him.” The man said before leaving.

“Wait,” the doctor said to the leaving man. “Who are you?” The man didn’t even turn back. Doctor Josef Rudolf shook his head and looked at the back of the picture. He gathered up all he could and left the office. He hated trusting in others on something so important, but for once he had to admit this was out of his league.



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