World of Darkness

Sabbat Invasion

Archbishop Kelly sat back in his chair admiring his work via a small laptop. On the monitor was bloodshed and mayhem. The prestigious Brown Hotel, known as Elysium to the Kindred, was in flames and its guardian and her children hung from the ceiling, their throats split open and spilling blood upon the lobby.
“This will be a night the Camarilla shall never forget. They will whimper as we feast upon their blood.” he spoke before indulging a large gulp of fresh vampire blood from an odd shaped goblet. Only moments ago the blood he consumed pumped as living vitae through the Toreador Primogen, Stacy O’Connell.
"Prince Adair has grown weak and has spread his supporters thin. I estimate we shall have the city within two nights. Once again Louisville shall be under Sabbat control as it was in the beginning. "
“When shall I leave my sire?” asked a skinny frail looking vampire. His breath new with blood and his eyes gleamed with harmful intent.
“No hurry. I want the Prince to watch his city fall. I want him to feel his structure collapse from underneath him. I want him to experience the chaos before he is brought before his knees and most of all I want him to suffer.” replied the Archbishop.
Not too far away just across the river that separated their territories many key spots within the city where being attacked by wild pacts of Sabbat vampires, running with bloodlust and war in their eyes. Human and Kindred alike who were caught in their path met gruesome ends. Limbs and entrails were torn from bodies and thrown about the street. Heads removed in macabre fashion were left as decorations and reminders of the hell they brought with them.
Two katanas reflected the moonlight of a cold spring night. Slight snowflakes fell as a backdrop on the lone figure that stalked the ally just behind the old police station. His pants were custom made leather wrapped in buckles and belts. His shirt barely to be seen beneath a black leather jacket was as crimson as his eyes. His black silky hair blew in the wind, his fangs bared and the tips of his katanas dragged the asphalt, scraping as he walked along stalking his next victims. He had slain three Sabbat invaders already on this night and he knew there would be more blood. He was Kindred, but unlike any other for he had forsaken his gift long ago. It was a curse to him. The vampire hunter who himself was Kindred would be busy tonight.
He had been stalking a pack of seven vampires. Two of them elders, but the rest just expendable warriors. As he moved up behind them they engaged in a confrontation with a strange group also walking the police station perimeter. One of them was a vampire, but the others were different. Two of them appeared human, one an angel and one of them a changeling he guessed by her strange fey appearance. The pack made their move and so did he. He dashed in quick, his katanas slicing through the snowfall with terrible speed creating a swirl of beauty and promising death to any vampire before him.



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