World of Darkness

Mantle of Deceit

A consequence of living an existence that crosses centuries instead of decades is the curse of watching the world change into something that you no longer recognize. You are forced to remain helpless as those you love or hate die. False histories get passed down and before you know it you yourself get caught up in the never ending spiral of it all.
I live in the never ending shifting water of time where truths corrode away with the passage of centuries. I sit back on my throne, a mantle of deceit on which I have built. One am I who looks down upon my city, the city I now rule. I can’t help, but wonder was it all worth it. I assume control in a time where it appears the end will befall us all. I must tell myself it was a necessary evil. The former prince would have done nothing to resist the power that comes to destroy us all. I truly believe that me and my clan will be able to resist the upcoming doom of our Kindred. Yes, I had to take control by force. The others would not understand this nor will they ever know.
I have surrounded myself with enemies and subjects I force loyalty upon. It is true it is lonely at the top. They may come to thank me one day if we survive the next decade. If we do not then so be it. A future generation will come to learn the false history of our demise I am sure.
My thoughts and visions haunt me. Something is stirring deep within me, something that goes back in the blood that flows through my necrotic body. Whatever it may be and whatever certainty approaches I can’t help but feel we had it coming and deep down I know it will play out as it has many times before. We are all a part of the universe’s play. A drama that has been going on longer than the first Kindred drank its first drop of blood.
What role do I symbolize this time?

Prince Warlock Duncan



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