World of Darkness

Gathering Aftermath

Her skin began to heat and slowly it darkened until the flesh flaked off and floated away. All she could hear was the laughter of the ghouls who pinned her down on the roof. It was humiliating to know that ghouls and not their masters were the makers of her final death. Ghouls were known for their great strength and most importantly of all they could walk around in sunlight.
As her long dead flesh burned off and her bones crumbled she did have one final last thought which brought her comfort. She would not live to see the upcoming doom that would befall all kindred. In moments Belovia the Nosferatu was no more than a pile of ashes blowing in the wind off the rooftop of the Brown hotel.

Earlier that night the assassin doppelganger Belovia had hired was dealt with in a very different manner. The Prince of Chicago and self proclaimed lord of vampires himself, Jonathan Stark stood over the doppelganger in anger.
“Did you think you could destroy me! Do you know who the fuck I am? I am the fucking prince of Chicago. Chicago mother fucker!” Jonathan screamed as he kicked the wounded doppelganger. His minions held the shifting creature down. At first it tried to confuse them and turn into people who were close to them. The creature was able to read the thoughts of everyone and it had always worked in the past when it came to escaping these situations, but when it took the form of the Prince’s actual mother it crossed the line. Jonathan kicked his teeth out and stabbed him in his stomach with a large knife.
“I realize you are just a mere pawn in all of this so your fate will not be that of the one who hired you.” he said looking down at the injured creature.
“I gave up my employer in hopes of mercy,” it interrupted.
“Shut the fuck up and listen you piss ant! You will serve me now.” As the Prince spoke he leaned in with a hypnotic glance. One he had given a thousand times before. The Prince of Chicago was a master of conditioning the weak minded. His vampiric nature allowed him to command and control those of lesser will. He began weaving a web in which the doppelganger would work for him. After all, according to his story he implanted, the doppelganger and him have been allies for a very long time. After he was finished he ordered the minions to release the creature so that they could get back to the party which was going on upstairs. They left the doppelganger alone in the basement of the hotel. When they were gone from view the doppelganger stood up and brushed itself off smiling all the while.
“I serve no one Prince of shit.” it said. The Prince had no idea that doppelgangers were immune to the discipline of Dominate.

“Allowing a werewolf to speak in Elysium. My dear friend Borbala you must surely be concerned.” Warlock Duncan said to the Prince of Louisville.
"My hatred of the garou has to be set aside for now. Besides, one Iron Master within my city’s limits is no threat to me. It’s when their kind group together in tribes when they become a worrisome pest. " Prince Adair responded. “Now speak to me of more important matters. Do you truly believe the Land of Nod to be located in present day Palestine?”
“I do my Prince. All information gathered in Aesthyr’s library points to the West Bank. I believe we will find Lilith’s Lambskin there. Once we have that relic we will know who we truly are and whether or not we are a curse or some sort of genetic supremacy. I also believe many answers to our dragon problem can be found there.” Duncan persisted.
“You are very optimistic. A trait common in vampire mages.” the Prince stated.
“When a mage has an eternity to learn he tends to be very confident in his abilities. Mortals haven’t the time on this earth to become a fraction as powerful as we Tremere are.” Duncan bowed with a smile.
" Before you leave I will have your thoughts on the presence of the angel and demon." The Prince said.
“It does seem that things to come may be on a biblical scale of disaster does it not?” Warlock Duncan added before vanishing in a puff of mist.



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