World of Darkness

Eternity in a box

His eyes opened to darkness. Only silence and the smell of his own decaying body accompanied Matt. The last thing he had remembered was the Prince commanding him to sleep as he laid in the coffin which dangled from chains above a barren concrete pit. Now alone with his thoughts he was beginning to realize his fate. His punishment for committing diablerie on the ancient vampire in Siberia would be to spend an eternity in a coffin. His only comforting thought was within a month he would run out of Vitae to awaken himself from the death sleep and would slip into torpor. Matt had heard stories of vampires being trapped in torpor for years, filled with horrid nightmares of the sins they had committed. Only blood could revive a vampire from this torpid state and he knew there would be no blood available to him ever. At least he wouldn’t be conscious for the majority of this torment. Not knowing how well he had been imprisoned, briefly he thought he could escape the box. He used what little vitae he had within him to transform his body into a sort of living blood creature with ooze like features. His amorphous state seeped down into the corners of the box looking for the tiniest crack to slip through, but none could be found. He was trapped and at the moment it seemed like forever. Night after night passed. Claustrophobia began to sink in and Matt began to dive further into a part of his mind which for most mortals never surfaced. Fear of the unknown and realizing he was truly alone in the world brought a deranged state. Even if he escaped the box he would never be the same. How long would he have to stay there? Would he ever see light again? Would he ever be able to stand up again? All questions he asked himself over and over again until the moment he could no longer bare his isolation and he let out a monstrous scream. He screamed until his voice was gone and even then he screamed while scratching at the roof of the box which held him captive. His nails broke off, his remaining vitae lost with the blood that poured from his fingertips as he tried to claw his way from the steel coffin. Silence and darkness; these were his friends. ‚óŹ Jon watched in silenced horror as the concrete poured down into the pit where Matt’s coffin had been lowered just moments ago. The many cloaked figures from various clans all stood around on the edges of the darkness within the old warehouse. Only their vicious smiles could be seen within the little moonlight that trickled in through cracked and boarded up windows. He could not believe that it had come to this. As he glanced at the Prince he saw no emotion, other than the slight hint of disappointment. The same kind of disappointment when a child had let down its father. Many thoughts of rescuing Matt had danced around in his mind, but as he looked over to the Prince’s seer, a fellow Tremere vampire; she shook her head in disapproval. Any plans of a rescue were laid to rest within her wise old eyes. Again he looked to the pouring concrete. A powerful reminder of things far worse than death. Perhaps one day the Prince’s rule would end and Jon could come back for Matt. But would he even be the same after such a long time trapped within there? Would he still be the Matt he once knew? More than likely he would be a deranged half starved monster willing to feed on any creature that came upon him. As the others disappeared into the shadows the Prince as well took his leave. Jon stayed as the concrete, now filling the entire 10×10 pit, began to dry. He could not understand how the Prince had known Matt had diablerized the ancient. It left an uneasy feeling knowing he had greatly underestimated the Prince’s true power. He also felt shame for the Prince insisting it be him who brought Matt to the warehouse where he would be imprisoned. This clearly being a cautionary reminder not to cross the Prince. Jon walked out of the warehouse into the night and took one last look back. He could only imagine the darkness and the silence.



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