World of Darkness


Two orbs flickered to life, two eyes which have seen ancient times, two eyes of pure hatred. Long had its slumber been and now it was awake. Its first thoughts drifted to the betrayal of those of a lesser race. It swiveled its head around. Rage engulfed the creature even more, a distasteful revulsion from sadness to anger.
Then its thoughts shifted to its brother and his hatred for the others. When he awoke there would be no reasoning, there would be no discretion, there would be only death and destruction. There would be many things to get into order before that came to pass. Webs needed to be weaved.
It stepped out into the light on two legs in a foreign body . It approached a beautiful white horse and mounted it. On the seventh day it rode out into the sun and with a thunderous inhuman voice it spoke.
“Come and see.”
The white horse rode hard headed for victory and conquest.



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